Measure, Reduce
& Offset
your carbon impact


Learn how to measure
your climate impact

The material carbon emissions impact from our daily lives are divided into 4 core activity categories; home, travel, food and purchases. Add your activities in each section to create your calculated carbon footprint



Learn how to reduce
your climate impact

The best way to reduce your emissions is to not create them! Purchase less, travel more efficiently, use less energy and manage your dietary intake



Offset your carbon impact
with high quality projects

We only use certified carbon credits of the highest quality, meaning their reduction or removal of carbon is real, measurable, additional and permanent




Our Methodology


The purpose of the tool is to enable our users to create a monthly carbon emissions profile. To achieve this, we ask a range of questions regarding consumer behaviour, from home and travel to purchases and eating style.

Emissions are measured in kg’s of CO2 equivalent (CO2e), which is the combination of gases that constitute what are commonly referred to as greenhouse gases (GHG). We take users’ activities and multiply these by recognised emission factors to determine a monthly calculated footprint.

The resulting monthly emissions profile allows a user to determine how much they need to ‘offset’ to be more climate positive.